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Welcome to E-BIGS, the Examples-Based Internet Grading System!

Our aim is to provide you with a tool for numerically grading the condition of your comic books.

Internet Explorer Bug Fixes - New for 2011!

Since Firefox does such a great job of rendering the site, I have to admit IE has been in the back seat in so far as bug fixing was concerned; Since I'm trying IE 9 Beta I just went through all the cool features on E-BIGS (and some of the basics) to make sure everything is working; the following were fixed:

  • Whitespace removed from the login page - if you are registered you will automatically get your username put in the top box!
  • Position of the control box now follows the browser window(!) You may have noticed it working perfectly in Firefox, Now IE users get it too
  • Full-page scan popups on double-click now work, with changing backgrounds and screen tips to show which covers are available
    tip: all the images for the tool page must have loaded before the full cover scans will appear.

This should make E-BIGS a much happier place for IE users!

Login fixed and new delete safeguard

Thanks to site users for pointing out the hitch in logging in lately - turned out to be a bit more complicated than it looked to fix (to do with the respective browsers handling global variables - go figure!). Anyway, now we're back with a little added feature, a 'failsafe' to prevent you deleting books from your list inadvertantly.
If you have other ideas to help the site, drop me a line

New Online Comics

If you click on the Comic News dropdown just there on the left, you can find a new selection of online comics including Peanuts, Wizard of Id, BC, Pearls Before Swine, Non Sequitur, Andertoons and The Boondocks plus many more links to Blogs, online comics and Fansites and including podcasts!


E-Mail Silence - bug fixed!!

At long last I have worked out the inconsistencies and quirks in the PHP e-Mail client used here at E-BIGS and we can now have some meaningful dialogue about the site!! Just as well as there may be some members from eBay's COMIC-ONES group dropping by for a cuppa!

Click here to send a message securely

1,000 More!

You guys have been busy the last few months, doubling the size of the database to over 2,100 books! If you would like to be able to show or view your books with other site members please drop us a line from the contact us page and we can cook up a way to list them, if you want to show them. Thanks again everyone!

More Publishers Added

The publisher list at the top of the tool page has been updated with a dozen or so more publishers, and is now ordered alphabetically. If you know of some more pubishers to add, please drop us a line using the 'Contact' link at the top of each page.

Registration problems solved!

There have been some problems lately with linking to PayPal to process subscription payments, but I am glad to say that is a thing of the past! You can now register your details and sign up for access without hinderance...

The First 1,000

It's great to have everyone here collecting labels for their books - there have now been over 1,000 labels stored in the database for recall at any time. Look our for some new label designs, coming soon!

The Comic News sidebar

How do you like it? Story titles link to the 'news' page where you can see more of the articles, and read further off-site. Let us know what you think vis the contact us page.

E-BIGS joins www.comicspace.com

Well, why the heck not? It's a fast-growing community of 20,000 members (mostly creatives) getting 100,000 hits a day.
Find us at www.comicspace.com/e_bigs/ . Get us on your Friends!

New subscription options!

There are some who prefer not to use PayPal and there are various websites explaining why - you can now subscribe to E-BIGS using Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Discover and American Express cards. Now there's no excuse!

Older news

The E-BIGS Museum is now online

Ever wonder how E-BIGS was created? What the graphics used to be like? Or just how much care and attention has gone into this site?? Okay, but you can check it out anyway in the E-BIGS museum. Just click the link on top there.

The NEW I.E. 7 and E-BIGS Scrollbars... Update

We'll keep the following note as a reminder: IE 7.0 was developed along the lines of, and functions a lot like, the Mozilla family, so in fact it does support {position:fixed;} just like other browsers!

Thanks to DerekAllard.com for explaining that...

Previoiusly we wrote;

It has just come to light that the new version of Internet Explorer 7.0 for Windows is having a tough time dealing with the scrollbars in E-BIGS. This is disappointing as the previous Release Candidate (IE 7 RC1) dealt with the whole CSS thing beautifully. Unfortunately a CSS hack was implemented to get the control box floating around the page in X- and Y- directions for version 6.0 and Microsoft's CSS support has been changing of late, causing some strange effects on the page size and scrollbars. Could they ever possibly make it as easy as declaring {position:fixed;} to fix an element, like they do in all other internet browsers??. Until such time there will be some variability in support and we will do our best to get around this. After all, is there anything better to be doing? For the mean time you can enjoy E-BIGS using IE 6.0, IE 7.0 RC1, Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox or Opera to version 9.02.

Yes, E-BIGS has been fixed for Internet Explorer 7.0!

The New STL Comics Grading Competition

Hosted by Erik 'Iron MANiac' Garmany

E-BIGS are pround to be sponsoring the latest grading competition at STLcomics.com. The competition is running until November 14th 2006 and has a total prize fund of over $600!
E-BIGS are supporting STLcomics with prizes of a years' free subscription to the three top graders. Get over to STL now and get your entries in!


E-BIGS Recommends Internet Explorer 7.0 RC1

Having tested E-BIGS with numerous browsers for PCs, we found that IE7.0 Release Candidate 1 has the advatages of faster image download and more stable stylesheet (CSS) handling which eliminates the 'contracting toolbar bug' seen with IE 6.0 and lower. We recommend IE users updating for a better E-BIGS experience, via microsoft's website here

Popthought.com Interview

E-BIGS has recently been the subject of an interview between popthought.com's Alexander Ness and E-BIGS creator Ian J Pengilley.
You can read the interview in full at popthought.com and we would like to thank Alex for his time and kind offer!

Only pay once a year!

E-BIGS has now moved to subscription on an annual basis. After weighing up feedback from collectors, the decision was made to make the service available on an annual subscription basis, and at a much better price! Now for only USD$ 14.99 you can enjoy E-BIGS for a whole year with full service and full peace of mind.
When the year is almost up we will send reminder e-mails so you can continue enjoying the most powerful comic grading tool on the internet!

E-BIGS updates

The newest version of E-BIGS contains a raft of great new features;

  • Print labels for your books
  • Add book information and your own notes!
  • Open full-cover images to view the defects in context
  • More scans!
  • Recall your labels from the database
  • Help section

all with quick navigation options.

Guest version now available

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or 'Continue As Guest' from the Login page

(This version has limited facilities and is presented as a trial only)

New Tryout pricing!

Now you can enjoy the internet's greatest comic grading tool for only USD$ 3.99!

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