Abrasion / Cover Wear

Glossy, smooth; no abrasion Just noticeable abrasion Small Area of Scuffing Colour Breaking Abrasions Large Areas of Visible Abrasion Deep Abrasions/Spine Wear

Centration / miswrap

Perfect Centration Off centre 1-3mm Noticeable miswrap Severe miswrap Wild miswrap
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Color Spots

None <3 tiny flecks Several Flecks/large donuts
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Color Lift

None- Flat & Smooth 3mm area removed 3-10 mm area removed 10-20 mm Patch Removed > 10mm Patch Removed
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Corner Creases

Perfect Unblemished Corners Just Noticeable Deformation Blunting 5mm Crease Several Minor Creases Multiple Light Creases Small General Atrition 40 mm Colour Breaking Creases Large Corner Crease Corner Attrition
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Corner Rounding

Sharp Corner Just Perceptibly blunted Blunted Fibres Showing Deformation with Colour Breaks Rounded; radius < 3mm Rounded; Radius >3mm 'No Corner'
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Cover Gloss

As New High Gloss Moderate Gloss Remaining Dull Matt
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Cover page missing


Back Cover Missing- Front Taped On
Entire Cover Missing
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Cover Whiteness

White Off-White/White Off-White Cream/Off-white Cream Tan Brown
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Cutouts (Interior/Exterior)

None 5mm sq. Piece out 20mm Piece out of Cover Coupon Cut; Non-Story Page Coupon Cut- Story Page Large Piece/Coupon Out of Cover

Digs & Gouges

None 2mm Non-Colour Breaking Long Non-Color Breaking 5mm Dent/Bale Marks Page thickness Gouge Long Drag Marks Pieces out from Several Pages

Edge Wear / Chipping

Sharp, straight edge Slight abrasion to extreme edge Perceptible 'Dings' Rolled Overhang/Creases Slight Creasing/Breaks Single large chip/general breaks Heavily Worn Overflash Multiple Creases / Minor Tears Multiple Chips Out Brittle

Ink Density (Printing Defect)

Deep, Dense Inks Areas of Fading Washed out / Visible Color Overlap

Interior Page Colour

White Off-White/White Off-White Cream/Off-White Cream Tan Brown
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Interior Pages Missing

All Pages Present One or More (story) Pages Missing

Lying Flat

Totally Flat Slight Page Lifting Open Bend at Spine/warping Warping/Kinks at Spine Large Shallow Bend Excessive Warping/Lifting


None <5mm Coloured Areas Obvious Amateur Colouring Large Amounts of Paint

Piece Out (wear/rip damage)

Edges Complete 1mm Flake Out <3mm piece out 3-5mm Piece Out 5-10mm Piece Out 5-20mm Piece Out Large piece out
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Printer's Creases

None 2" or less printer's crease 2-3" printer's crease Multiple 3" creases Greater than  3" crease(s)


None Just Perceptible Colour Break 3mm Scratch & flaking Deep 10mm Scratch Large Superficial Scratches Page-Thickness Scratches Large Noticeable Scratch


Totally Clean Tiny Fingerprint <5mm Soiling Tracks General light Soiling Moderate Contact Soiling/Dirt
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Spine Creases

None Single Perceptible Crease 4mm Colour Breaking Crease Several Colour Breaking Creases Uniform Creasing <7mm Multiple Deep Creases Heavy Creasing

Spine Roll

Tight, Flat Spine Slight Spine Roll Moderate Spine Roll Substantial Spine Roll Severe Spine Roll

Spine Stress Marks

None Just Perceptible (<3mm) 2-4mm Non Colour Breaking Several non colour-breaking Creases Multiple non colour-breaking Creases

Spine Tears

None <5mm Tear 10mm Tear 20mm Tear or several smaller 30mm spine tear Very Large Tear Book-Length Split


None Just Perceptible Mark Moderate fingerprint stain Small Stain Spotting Label Adhesive Single large Stain Dark fingerprint stains Large rust/oxidation stain Water Damage

Stamps & Ink

None Small Date Stamp Cover Stamp < 20mm Bookshop Stamp Multiple Large Stamps

Staple Placement

Perfect Placement Slightly Off Alignment 1-3mm off-staple > 3mm mis-staple Amateur Re-Staple
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Staple Rust

Clean, Shiny Staple Matt Appearance Moderate Tarnish/Rust Signs Advanced Rust with Migration Substantial Migration

Staple Wear

Perfect; As-new Perceptible Staple Wear 2mm Staple Crease Buckled Spine; colour breaking creases Large Creases and/or small tears Considerable Staple Wear Severe Staple Wear Cover Detached

Subscription Crease

None Noticeable Crease Obvious Folding Damage

Sun Shadow

None Just Perceptible Slight Tanning Unobtrusive Sun Shadow Noticeable Sun Shadow Obvious Sun Shadow


No Tape Amateur Tear Seal <10mm Small Amateur Repair Large Repair (Complete Spine)


No Tears Single tear <5mm Multiple <3mm tears Several 3-5mm Tears 5-10mm Tear 10-20mm Tear 20-30 mm Tear Large Tear


None Just Noticable Bumpy Noticeable Warping Water Damage Heavy Wrinkling


No Writing Unobtrusive writing; pencil BC Single Date Mark (Ballpoint) Multiple Ballpoint on Cover Large Written Characters Marker Pen Scrawl

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